A modelling of tensile deformation around the notch tip in single crystal aluminium



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Huynh, N., Lu, C., Michal, G. & Tieu, A. K. (2010). A modelling of tensile deformation around the notch tip in single crystal aluminium. Computational Materials Science, 48 (1), 179-186.


This paper presents a modelling of tensile deformation around a notch tip in a single-edged notch sample of single crystal aluminium. A CPFEM formulation that incorporates Bassani–Wu hardening law is used to simulate tensile experiments found in the literature. Two orientations of notch tip has been considered, (0 1 0)[1 0 1] and (0 0 1)[1 0 0]. From CPFEM modelling results, analyses have been carried out to plot slip traces, which are defined as intersections between slip planes on which major plastic slips occur and the sample surface, and the distribution of crystal rotations. In particular, plots of slip traces on the sample surface that are presented in this paper allow direct comparisons of numerical results with experimental observations, which generally are not available from other studies. To the best of the author’s knowledge, this paper is among the very few, if not the first, that use one single set of CPFEM parameters to accurately predict various experimental results of two cases of notch tip orientation widely found in the literature.

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