A critical state model for overconsolidated structured clays



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Suebsuk, J., Horpibulsuk, S. Liu, M. D. (2011). A critical state model for overconsolidated structured clays. Computers and Geotechnics, 38 (5), 648-658.


This paper presents a generalised critical state model with the bounding surface theory for simulating the stress–strain behaviour of overconsolidated structured clays. The model is formulated based on the framework of the Structured Cam Clay (SCC) model and is designated as the Modified Structured Cam Clay with Bounding Surface Theory (MSCC-B) model. The hardening and destructuring processes for structured clays in the overconsolidated state can be described by the proposed model. The image stress point defined by the radial mapping rule is used to determine the plastic hardening modulus, which varies along loading paths. A new proposed parameter h, which depends on the material characteristics, is introduced into the plastic hardening modulus equation to take the soil behaviour into account in the overconsolidated state. The MSCC-B model is finally evaluated in light of the model performance by comparisons with the measured data of both naturally and artificially structured clays under compression and shearing tests. From the comparisons, it is found that the MSCC-B model gives reasonable good simulations of mechanical response of structured clays in both drained and undrained conditions. With its simplicity and performance, the MSCC-B model is regarded as a practical geotechnical model for implementation in numerical analysis.

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