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Novosel, N., Pajic, D., Mustapic, M., Babic, E., Shcherbakov, A., Horvat, J., Skoko, Z. Zadro, K. (2010). Flux pinning and inhomogeneity in magnetic nanoparticle doped MgB2/Fe wires. In 9th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (EUCAS 09), 13-17 Sep 2009, Dresden, German. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 234 (part 2), 022027-1-022027-7.


The effects of magnetic nanoparticle doping on superconductivity of MgB2/Fe wires have been investigated. Fe2B and SiO2-coated Fe2B particles with average diameters 80 and 150 nm, respectively, were used as dopands. MgB2 wires with different nanoparticle contents (0, 3, 7.5, 12 wt.%) were sintered at temperature 750°C. The magnetoresistivity and critical current density Jc of wires were measured in the temperature range 2–40 K in magnetic field B ≤ 16 T. Both transport and magnetic Jc were determined. Superconducting transition temperature Tc of doped wires decreases quite rapidly with doping level (~ 0.5 K per wt.%). This results in the reduction of the irreversibility fields Birr(T) and critical current densities Jc(B,T) in doped samples (both at low (5 K) and high temperatures (20 K)). Common scaling of Jc(B,T) curves for doped and undoped wires indicates that the main mechanism of flux pinning is the same in both types of samples. Rather curved Kramer's plots for Jc of doped wires imply considerable inhomogeneity.

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