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Wang, J., Huang, Q., Jiang, Z. Tieu, A. K. (2009). The effects of shear stress on the lubrication performances of oil film of large-scale mill bearing. Advanced Materials Research, 76-78 713-718.


A new coupling numerical algorithm has been developed to integrate Finite Difference Method (FDM) with Boundary Element Method (BEM) to analyze shear performance of oil film by iteratively solving a series of equations such as the film flow velocity and shear stress equations for contact bodies in bearing system. With consideration of the variations of viscosity and density with pressure and temperature, the effects of shear stress of oil film layers on lubrication performance of contact surfaces under different loadcases were discussed. Moreover, Germany-made Anton Paar MRD (Magnetic Rheologic Device) was used to determine the relationship between the viscosity and shear stress of lubricating oil. The conclusions were verified to be beneficial to the further study on lubricating performance of heavy contact components and to prolong their service lives.

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