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Haq, A. J. Munroe, P. R. (2009). Phase transformations in (111) Si after spherical indentation. Journal of Materials Research, 24 (6), 1967-1975.


Phase transformations in (111) Si after spherical indentation have been investigated by cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy. Even at an indentation load of 20 mN,a phase transformation zone including the high-pressure crystalline Si phases was observed within the residual imprints. The volume of the transformation zone, as well as that of the crystalline phases increased with the indentation load. Below the transformation zone, slip was found to occur on {311} planes rather than on {111}planes, usually observed on indentation of (100) Si. The distribution of defects was asymmetric, and for indentation loads up to 80 mN, their density was significantly lower than that reported for (100) Si. The experimental observations correlated well with modeling of the applied stress through ELASTICA.

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