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Wang, J., Ng, S., Chew, S., Wexler, D., Wang, G. Liu, H. K. (2007). Characterization of nanosize molybdenum trisulfide for lithium batteries and MoS3 structure confirmation via electrochemistry. Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, 10 (9), A204-A207.


Nanosize molybdenum trisulfide, MoS3, was synthesized in a polyoxyethylene(2) nonylphenyl ether/cyclohexane/water microemulsion by acidifying ammonium tetrathiomolybdate solubilized in the water cores of inverse micelles. MoS3 was also prepared by thermal decomposition for comparison. X-ray diffraction, TEM, and electrochemical testing characterized the molybdenum trisulfide. By comparing the cyclic voltammetry results on MoS3 and S electrodes in lithium cells, the conclusions about the structure of MoS3 from previous research work have been confirmed. That is, the molybdenum trisulfide molecules were not a mixture of MoS2 and elemental S. Molybdenum trisulfide exists as Mo3S9 clusters, which are, in turn, linked by bridging SS bonds.

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