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Patey, T. J., Ng, S., Buchel, R., Tran, N., Krumeich, F., Wang, J., Liu, H. K. Novak, P. (2008). Electrochemistry of LiV3O8 nanoparticles made by flame spray pyrolysis. Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, 11 (4), A46-A50.


LiV3O8 nanoparticles (primary particles with ca. 50 nm diameter) have been synthesized by flame spray pyrolysis (FSP). The powder was characterised by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and galvanostatic cycling. The initial discharge capacity of the LiV3O8 nanoparticles is 271 mAh g-1 when discharged from its open-circuit potential to 2.0 V vs Li/Li+ at a specific current of 100 mA g-1 under ambient conditions. The nanoparticles retained a specific discharge capacity of 180 mAh g-1 beyond 50 cycles. This paper describes the synthesis route as well as the characterizations of the FSP-produced LiV3O8 nanoparticles.

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