The optimum functionalization of carbon nanotube/ferritin composites



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Lee, J., Shin, K., Lynam, C. M., Spinks, G. Maxwell., Wallace, G. G. Kim, S. (2008). The optimum functionalization of carbon nanotube/ferritin composites. Smart Materials and Structures, 17 (4), 045029-1-045029-5.


We fabricated a covalently linked composite composed of functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes (f-SWNT) and ferritin protein as nanoparticles. The various f-SWNTs were prepared using an acid treatment of purified SWNT for different functionalization times (30, 60, 120 and 180 min), and ferritin was immobilized on each of the f-SWNT by covalent immobilization. The specific capacitance of the f-SWNT and the electrochemical activity of the f-SWNT/ferritin composites showed a Gaussian distribution. From the electrochemical analysis, the ferritin composite with functionalized SWNT for 60 min showed the highest capacitance and electrochemical activity than other f-SWNT/ferritin composites. This result suggests the optimum value for the best performance of the electrochemical properties of f-SWNT/ferritin composites was found for a potential bioapplication.

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