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Oetomo, D., Liaw, H., Alici, G. Shirinzadeh, B. (2006). Direct kinematics and analytical solution to 3RRR parallel planar mechanisms. International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (pp. 2251-2256). Singapore: IEEE.


This paper presents the direct kinematic solutions to 3DOF planar parallel mechanisms. Efforts to solve the direct kinematics of planar parallel mechanisms have concentrated on RPR mechanisms due to its inherent simplicity. It is established that the direct kinematic equations of a general 3DOF planar parallel mechanism can be reduced to a univariate polynomial of degree 8. This paper presents the derivation of this univariate polynomials for both 3RRR and 3RPR mechanisms, showing the similarities and differences between the two common configurations of 3DOF planar parallel mechanisms. This paper also presents the on the direct kinematic solution to a simplified case of the 3RRR planar parallel mechanisms, where it is possible to decouple the polynomial further into two quadratic equations, describing the position and orientation of the end-effector, respectively. This result will provide an efficient computation method for a very useful configuration of planar parallel manipulators.

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