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Kinkeldei, T. Li, W. (2007). Design and analysis of general and travelling dielectrophoresis. In Luo, A. C. J., Dai, L., Hamidzadeh, H. R. (Eds.), Proceedings of International Conference on Nonlinear Science and Complexity 2006 (pp. 346-352). Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co.


This paper presents the simulation of general and travelling dielectrophoretic forces, as well as the movement of the particles in a sandwich structure micro-device. The electrode geometry of the micro device used for simulation is an interdigitated bar electrode. The simulation method used to solve the equations is based on the least square finite difference method (LSFD). The simulation first calculates all forces acting at any place in the chamber, with these forces the trajectory of a particle can now be proposed. All of the particles parameters like radius, voltage, initial height, etc can easily be changed and the simulation can be redone. With this continuous trial we receive different behavior of the particles and examine the relevancy of the different changes made. This detailed information about the influences of the parameters on the procedure in the micro-device can be used for the development of further micro-devices.

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