A study of the compression behaviour of structured clays



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Horpibulsuk, S., Suebsuk, J., Chinkulkijniwat, A. Liu, M. D. (2009). A study of the compression behaviour of structured clays. In F. Oka, A. Murakami S. Kimoto (Eds.), Prediction and Simulation Methods for Geohazard Mitigation (pp. 269-272). London, UK: CRC Press.


The compression behaviour of soils has always been a topic of investigation in geotechnical engineering. A study of the compression behaviour of soils with natural structures and with artificially treated structures is made in this paper. The voids ratio of any structured soil is the summation of the voids ratio of the same soil in a reconstituted state and the additional voids ratio sustained by the soil structure. This finding provides a useful framework for development of a compression model quantifying the influence of soil structures. Based on this model, a comparative study is performed on the influence of different types of soil structures on the compression behaviour. Therefore, the compressibility is investigated and quantified of soils in different states, such as reconstituted state, natural state, and chemical treated states and cemented state.

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