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Thomas, G., Henderson, A. Goldfinch, T. (2009). The Influence of University Entry Scores on Performance in Engineering Mechanics. Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference (pp. 980-985). Adelaide, Australia: School of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Adelaide.


An ongoing study into the causes of poor student performance in engineering mechanics has uncovered some intriguing data on the relationships between students’ university entry scores and their performance in engineering mechanics courses. Statistical analysis has shown that the expected correlations between this key measure used to determine students eligibility for study and engineering mechanics score either do not exist, or are too weak to base educational interventions on. However, students’ entry scores have instead been shown to provide a ‘risk factor’, whereby students’ risk of failing the subject can be determined by entry score ranges. These risk factors may be used to gauge the effectiveness of educational developments in engineering mechanics, particularly when faced with small data sets.

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