Study on size effect in mirco cross wedge rolling



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Lu, H. N., Wei, D. B., Jiang, Z. Y., Manabe, K. Furushima, T. (2011). Study on size effect in mirco cross wedge rolling. Steel Research International, Special Edition: 10th International Conference on technology of plasticity, ICTP 2011, 962-967.


This paper introduces a novel microforming process - Micro Cross Wedge Rolling (MCWR) that is very promising in the field of microforming. Numerical simulation has been conducted to investigate the size and dimension accuracy in MCWR. A finiet element model of the MCWR process for manufacturing the stepped axisymmetrical microparts using flat wedge tools has been established utilizing SYS/LS-DYNA. The final diameter in the middle part of the workpiece ranges from 0.9 to 0.6 mm.

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