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Shamba, P., Debnath, J., Zeng, R., Wang, J. L., Campbell, S. J., Kennedy, S. J. Dou, S. X. (2011). Reduction of hysteresis losses in the magnetic refrigerant La0.8Ce0.2Fe11.4Si1.6 by the addition of boron. Journal of Applied Physics, 109 (7), 07A940-1-07A940-3.


In an effort to improve the magnetocaloric effects of the NaZn13-type La0.8Ce0.2Fe11.4Si1.6 compound, the effect of boron doping on the magnetic properties and magnetocaloric properties has been investigated. The magnetic entropy change (ΔSM) for the La0.8Ce0.2Fe11.4Si1.6 compound, obtained for a field change of 0–5 T using the Maxwell relation exhibits a spike and appears to be overestimated and is thus corrected by using the Clausius-Clapeyron equation (CC). The ΔSM determined from the CC equation is estimated to be 19.6 J kg−1K−1. However, large hysteretic losses which are detrimental to the magnetic refrigeration efficiency occur in the same temperature range. In this work, we report a significant reduction in hysteretic losses by doping the La0.8Ce0.2Fe11.4Si1.6 compound with a small amount of boron to obtain La0.8Ce0.2Fe11.4Si1.6Bx compounds. The hysteresis loss decreases from 131.5 to 8.1 J kg −1 when x increases from 0 to 0.3, while ΔSM, obtained for a field change of 0–5 T, varies from 19.6 to 15.9 J kg−1K−1. This also simultaneously shifts the TC from 174 to 184 K and significantly improves the effective refrigerant capacity (RCeff) of the material from 164 to 305 J kg−1.

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