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Yu, H., Kang, J., Nie, G., Long, H., Hao, X. Huang, T. (2011). A real-time measuring technology for studying distortion of hydraulic turbine blade castings during heat treatment process. China foundry, 8 (3), 300-304.


During heat treatment process, the distortion behavior inevitably appears in hydraulic turbine blade castings. In this research, a technology was developed for real-time measurement of the distortion in hydraulic turbine blade castings at the still air cooling and forced air cooling stages during heat treatment process. The method was used to measure the distortion behavior at the cooling stages in both normalizing and tempering processes. At the normalization, the distortion at the blade corner near outlet side undergoes four stages with alternating bending along positive and negative directions. At the tempering stage, the distortion could be divided into two steps. The temperature difference between the two surfaces of blade casting was employed to analyze the distortion mechanism. The measured results could be applied to guide the production, and the machining allowance could be reduced by controlling the distortion behavior.

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