Analysis of edge crack of thin strip during cold rolling



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Xie, H., Jiang, Z., Wei, D. Tieu, A. K. (2010). Analysis of edge crack of thin strip during cold rolling. A. Morton J. Nie In PRICM-7 2010: The Seventh Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing, Cairns, 2-6 August, Cairns, Australia. Materials Science Forum, vol.654-656, pp222-225.


Cracks in metal product significantly decrease quality and productivity of the rolled thin strip. In this paper the stress intensity factor (SIF) solution of edge crack defect of thin strip during cold rolling was investigated, and a globe analysis was applied to the problem of free edge of thin strip. The effective stress intensity factor range is important because it represents the major physical cause of crack growth. The present study provides insights of the mechanics of edge crack growth that has been frequently observed during thin strip rolling. The efficiency and reliability of the SIF analytical modelling has been demonstrated. The proposed method for predicting edge crack is useful for producing defect-free products in rolling, and provides insights of the mechanism of edge crack growth.

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