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Hadi, M. N. (2011). Rehabilitating destructed reinforced concrete T connections by steel straps. Construction and Building Materials, 25 (2), 851-858. >


The aim of this paper is to present results of testing a full scale reinforced concrete T connection by static loading. The connection represents a beam-column connection. The beam and column had a square cross section with a 300 mm dimension. The height of the column was 2.9 m and the clear beam length was 1.4 m. The connection was initially tested to failure. Galvanised steel straps were used to rehabilitate the connection. Epoxy resin was used to fix the steel straps to the concrete surface. The connection was tested after the rehabilitation. Results of testing the rehabilitated connection show that the yield and ultimate loads were 65 kN and 95 kN, respectively, compared with the original test results of 75 kN and 84 kN, respectively. Based on results of the tests, it can be concluded that the rehabilitating method used in this study was effective in increasing the ultimate strength of the T connection.

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