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Li, W., Zhang, P., Gong, X., Liu, B., Zhang, X. Zhang, X. 2007, ''The simulation of magnetorheological elastomers adaptive tuned dynamic vibration absorber for automobile engine vibration control'', in H. R. Hamidzadeh, L. Dai A. C.J. Luo (eds), Proceedings of Nonlinear Science and Complexity: 20th Summer School Conference 2006, World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, pp. 418-424.


The aim of this article is to investigate the use of a Dynamic Vibration Absorber to control vibration of engine by using simulation. Traditional means of vibration control have involved the use of passive and more recently, active methods. This study is different in that it involves an adaptive component in the design of vibration absorber using magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) as the adaptive spring.

MREs are kind of novel smart material whose shear modulus can be controlled by applied magnetic field. In this paper, the vibration mode of a simple model of automobile engine is simulated by Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis. Based on the analysis, the MREs Adaptive Tuned Dynamic Vibration Absorber (ATDVA) is presented to reduce the vibration of the engine. Simulation result indicate that the control frequency of ATDVA can be changed by modifing the shear modulus of MREs and the vibraion reduction efficiency of ATDVA are also evaluated by FEM analysis.

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