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This article was originally published as: Zhang, C, Electron correlations in a double-quantum-well structure, Physical Review B, 1994, 49(4), 2939-2942. Copyright 1994 American Physical Society. The original journal can be found here.


The electron correlation effect in a double-quantum-well structure is investigated. The local-field correction and static structural factors are calculated for these structures. It is found that the static structural factors show an anomalous behavior at small q due to the coupled quantum-well-plasma excitation and the interlayer structural factor is negative at large q. We also found that the long-wavelength acoustic plasma mode is further softened due to short-range electron correlations. The minimum critical well separation for this mode to exist increases by an amount ∼1/kf1, where kf1 is the Fermi wave vector of the well with higher electron concentration.

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