An orientation-dependent failure criterion for FCC crystals



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Huynh, N., Lu, C., Si, L. Tieu, A. K. (2008). An orientation-dependent failure criterion for FCC crystals. Key Engineering Materials, 385-387 801-804.


The crystalline orientation significantly affects the fracture behavior of crystals. However, the orientation-dependent failure criterion is still lacking up to now. In this paper the failure criteria for different crystalline planes of aluminum have been developed. The critical normal stresses to separate two parallel crystallographic planes have been calculated based on Morse potential. The critical stresses on four different planes ({100}, {111}, {110} and {120}) were obtained. It has been found that plane {120} had the minimum critical normal stress. The developed failure criteria have been applied in the crystal plasticity finite element method (CPFEM) model to simulate the uniaxial tensile deformation of single crystal aluminum with a notch. The lattice orientation evolution during deformation has been predicted by the CPFEM model. Elements at notch tip reaching predefined orientation-dependent failure criterion were removed from the mesh so that the crack growing could be determined explicitly without any path assumption.

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