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Sun, W., Tieu, A. K., Li, H., Jiang, Z., Wang, G. Liu, X. (2005). Friction in the roll bite under various hot rolling conditions. In D. Hua, L. Zhengyu D. Hongshuang (Eds.), Symposium on Advanced Structural Steels and New Rolling Technologies (pp. 110-120). China: Northeastern University.


In this paper, the effect of hot rolling parameters on the friction coefficient was studied by inverse calculation on the experimental roll loads where the hot rolling experiments were carried out at

7.5-45.0% reductions, 0.12-0.72m/s speeds and temperature of 850-1025°C. Dry rolling, water, oil/water mixture emulsion and pure oil were used as lubricants in the experiments. In carrying out the calculation, a flow stress model for the present test material was first obtained experimentally. Hot rolling parameters, including reduction, roll speed, work piece entry temperature and lubrication conditions, were investigated to determine their effect on friction coefficient and mill loads. The effect of oxide scale thickness after rolling on friction was also examined.

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