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This article was originally published as: Zhang, C & Fisher, DJ, Magnetoplasmon emission versus Landau-level scattering in resonant tunneling through double-barrier structures, Physical Review B, 1995, 52(20), 14775-14780. Copyright 1995 American Physical Society. The original journal can be found here.


We consider electron tunneling in a parallel magnetic field taking into account the electron-electron interaction. It is shown that a self-consistent treatment of the dynamical electron-electron interaction in resonant tunneling can lead to the proposed plasmon assisted resonant tunneling. Such magnetoplasmon assisted resonant tunneling gives rise to satellite peaks or shoulders in the tunneling current. At low temperatures, only magnetoplasmon emission processes contribute and satellites only appear on the high bias side of the main resonance. The mechanism proposed here may be used to study the magnetotunneling in high-mobility systems where disorder is at minimum.

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