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Yoo, J., Kim, Y.-K., Chung, K., Ko, J., Hong, G.-W., Lee, H.-G., Kim, J.-H., chung, H., Wang, X. L., Dou, S. X. (2006). Chemical modification of precursor solution for long length YBCO coated conductor fabrication. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 43 (pp. 211-214). London, UK: Institute of Physics Publishing.


Long length MOD processing of YBCO conductor requires high performance precursor solution without degradation during the process. In this study, effect of chemical modification of precursor solution on MOD processing was investigated to meet the requirement. Highly stable YBCO precursor solution was synthesized with PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) and crack-free thick precursor film was successfully fabricated. However, annealed YBCO film shows porous microstructures originated from large HF gas generation from thick films and residual carbon from additives. Reduction of fluorine content is required to densify microstructures. In order to reduce fluorine content, F-free Cu-precursor solution was synthesized. YBCO film with Jc = 0.8MA/cm2 was grown on buffered RABiTS tape. Annealed YBCO film still contains pores and further reduction of pores is required to improve critical current (Ic)

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