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Dou, S. X., Yeoh, W., Shcherbakova, O. V., Horvat, J., Kim, J., Pan, A. V., Wexler, D., Li, Y., Li, X., Ren, Z., Munroe, P. Cui, J. (2006). Magnetic field processing to enhance critical current densities of MgB2 superconductors. Applied Physics Letters, 89 (20), 202504-1-202504-3.


A magnetic field of up to 12T was applied during the sintering process of pure MgB2 and carbon nanotube(CNT)dopedMgB2wires. The authors have demonstrated that magnetic field processing results in grain refinement, homogeneity, and enhancement in Jc(H) and Hirr. The extent of improvement in Jc increases with increasing field. The Jc for a 10T field processed CNTdoped sample increases by a factor of 3 at 10K and 8T and at 20K and 5T, respectively. Hirr for the 10T field processed CNTdoped sample reached 9T at 20K, which exceeded the best value of SiC dopedMgB2 at 20K. Magnetic field processing reduces the resistivity in CNTdopedMgB2, straightens the entangled CNTs, and improves the adherence between CNTs and the MgB2 matrix.

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