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Li, W., Spinks, G. Maxwell., Zhao, L., Wu, Y., Zhou, D. Wallace, G. G. (2005). Characterization of conducting-polymer-based bimorph vibration sensors. In A. Wilson (Eds.), Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering Smart Materials III (pp. 301-308). Australia: The Society for Optical Engineering.


This paper presents theoretical and experimental investigation of mechanical-electrical properties of conducting polymers based bimorph sensors. A material parameter, hCP , is proposed to represent linear relationship between induction charge and the applied external deformation. Based on this assumption, a constitutive equation for bimorph sensors under steady-state external loadings are constructed and then solved. Mechanical-electrical properties of bimorph sensors are experimentally studied using both vibration-amplitude sweep mode and frequency sweep mode. The material parameter hCP , is identified by comparing theoretical analysis and experimental results. The applications of conducting polymers based bimorph sensors in smart structures are also discussed.

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