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This article was originally published as: Xu, W, Magneto-optical Franz-Keldysh effect of an electron gas subjected to quantizing magnetic fields and intense terahertz laser fields, Physical Review B, 2001, 64, 113310. Copyright 2001 American Physical Society. The original journal can be found here.


When a three-dimensional electron gas is subjected to quantizing magnetic fields and intense laser fields in the Faraday geometry, the maximum electron density of states will be shifted by an energy Eem (eF0)2/4m*(2c 2), where  and F0 are, respectively, the frequency and the electric-field strength of the laser field and c is the cyclotron frequency. This will result in a shift in the fundamental absorption edge by Eem , known as the magneto-optical Franz-Keldysh effect MOFKE. In this paper, the MOFKE is studied theoretically for a semiconductor-based electron gas system where terahertz free-electron lasers are employed as intense laser radiation sources.

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