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This article was originally published as: Zhang, C & Cao, JC, Calculation of the nonlinear free-carrier absorption of terahertz radiation in semiconductor heterostructures, Physical Review B, 2004, 70, 193311. Copyright 2004 American Physical Society. The original journal can be found here.


Nonlinear absorption of terahertz waves by electrons in a semiconductor heterostructure is calculated. We solve the quantum transport equation for electrons strongly coupled to terahertz photons. The electrical field of the laser radiation is included exactly, and the electron-impurity interaction is included up to the second order. It is found that Joule heating of the electronic system due to impurity scattering decreases rapidly due to the strong electron-photon interaction. Our result is the dynamic equivalence of electron localization in a strong field. In the limit of weak radiation field, the current is linear in the field strength.

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