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This article was originally published as: Lewis, RA & Wang,Y, Magneto-optical far-infrared absorption spectroscopy of the hole states of indium phosphide, Physical Review B, 2005, 71, 115211. Copyright 2005 American Physical Society. The original journal can be found here.


Far-infrared absorption spectroscopy in magnetic fields of up to 30 T of the zinc acceptor impurity in indium phosphide has revealed for the first time a series of free-hole transitions sLandau-related seriesd in addition to the familiar bound-hole transitions sLyman seriesd as well as hitherto unobserved phonon replicas of both series. Analysis of these data permits the simultaneous direct experimental determination of sid the hole effective mass, siid the species-specific binding energy of the acceptor impurity, siiid the absolute energy levels of the acceptor excited states of both odd and even parity, sivd more reliable, and in some cases the only, g factors for acceptor states, through relaxation of the selection rules for phonon replicas, and svd the LO phonon energy. The method is applicable to other semiconductors and may lead to the reappraisal of their physical parameters.

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