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This article was originally published as: Zhang, C & Ma, Z, Dynamic Hall resistivity of electronic systems in the presence of Rashba coupling at zero field , Physical Review B, 2005, 71, 121307(R), 121307-1-121307-4. Copyright 2005 American Physical Society. The original journal can be found here.


We report a phenomenon in electronic systems. It is shown that, at both zero and finite frequencies, Hall resistivity srxyd is finite in an electronic system with sufficient Rashba coupling and in the absence of an external magnetic field. It is found that the off-diagonal component of the resistivity is determined by the reactive part sreal partd of the inverse dielectric functions. This is in contrast to any other electrical transport, including magnetotransport where all resistivity components sboth diagonal and off diagonald are determined by the absorptive part simaginary partd of the inverse dielectric functions. The longitudinal resistivity srxxd decreases as the Rashba coupling increases. The transverse charge current reported here should be clearly distinguished from the intrinsic transverse spin current reported previously.

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