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This article was originally published as: Lewis, RA, Simmonds, PE & Wang, YJ, Magnetopolaron interactions in n-type indium phosphide, Physical Review B, 2005, 72, 245207. Copyright 2005 American Physical Society. The original journal can be found here.


Broadband far-infrared absorption spectroscopy is used to investigate n-type indium phosphide in magnetic fields of up to 30 T. The large energy range 2–14 Ry and the large magnetic field range 03 employed permit the observation of a rich variety of magnetopolaron interactions. We report on the magnetopolaron effect for bound states in InP, beginning with the coupling of the 2p+ state with the 1s+LO phonon state. We further observe the magnetopolaron effect associated with the metastable state 210. In addition we report i) the re-emergence of the 210 impurity state transition beyond the LO phonon manifold, ii) the possible coupling of an impurity transition with the 1s+2LO phonon state, and iii) both low- and high-energy one-phonon transitions of impressive richness and detail.

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