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This article was originally published as: Liu, JF, Deng, WJ, Xia, K, Zhang, C & Ma, Z, Transport of spin-polarized electrons in a magnetic superlattice, Physical Review B, 2006, 73, 155309. Copyright 2006 American Physical Society. The original journal can be found here.


We investigated the ballistic transport of two-dimensional electrons subjected to a periodically modulated magnetic field in the presence of the spin-orbit coupling of both the Rashba and the Dresselhaus types. It is shown that the spin splitting leads to additional gaps in the band structure and a series of minima in the transmission probability. The boundaries of the superlattice cause a finite spin polarization which can be tuned by the magnetic field, the electronic energy, and the superlattice period. The potential of such magnetic modulated structures as spin filters is discussed.

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