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This conference paper was originally published as Indraratna, B and Rujikiatkamjorn C, Mathematical modeling and field evaluation of embankment stabilized with vertical drains incorporating vacuum preloading, Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering, New York, 13-17 April 2004, 1, 2.01-2.08. Original conference proceedings here.


This study presents the analytical modeling of vertical drains incorporating vacuum preloading in both axisymmetric and plane strain conditions. The effectiveness of vacuum pressure (i.e. both constant vacuum pressure and varied vacuum pressure) applied along the drain is considered. A multidrain plane strain model is employed to analyse an embankment at the site of Second Bangkok International Airport (SBIA) stabilised with prefabricated vertical drains. At this site, a significantly reduced height of sand surcharge was applied by reducing the pore pressures through vacuum preloading. The results of FEM analysis confirm the efficiency of vacuum preloading in comparison with the conventional method of surcharge alone.

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