Influence of basalt fiber on performance of cement mortar



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Jiang, C. H., McCarthy, T. J., Chen, D. & Dong, Q. Q. (2010). Influence of basalt fiber on performance of cement mortar. Key Engineering Materials, 426-427 93-96.


This paper presents initial work with the application of basalt fiber (BF) in the field of reinforced cement composites. Effect of BF on mortar drying shrinkage, mechanical prosperities and bond performance were studied. The results showed that adding of BF reduced markedly dry shrinkage of mortar especially at early ages. BF mortar had a greater compressive and flexural strength at early hydration period,but had a little less strength at the age of 28-days than mortar without fiber. Four point bending tests shows that addition of BF increased effectively toughness of mortar specimen at 28-days at the same loading, but had not a remarkable effect on fracture strength. A good bond was observed between BF and mortar matrix interface zone by SEM in early ages and there was debonding phenomenon between BF and mortar matrix in the long-term ages.

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