Modelling of high strength concrete reinforced columns wrapped with FRP



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Rashidi, M. & Hadi, M. N. (2010). Modelling of high strength concrete reinforced columns wrapped with FRP. The 5th Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region & Australasian Structural Engineering Conference 2010 (pp. 1-6). Barton, A.C.T., Australia: Engineers Australia.


In this paper a procedure is developed for deriving a non-linear finite element model to simulate the behaviour of high strength concrete columns confined by carbon-fibre-reinforced-polymer (CFRP) jackets and reinforced with axial and helical steel bars. In the finite element analysis, the material and geometric nonlinearities are taken into account and the results of material testing of the constituent materials (concrete, steel and FRP) are explored to set up the model. Due to lack of axis of symmetry in this complex model, creating the whole column has had the most accurate outcome among all the alternatives which were examined to achieve an appropriate model as a representative of the true specimens. There was a good correlation between the axial load-deflection results of experimental tests and the finite element model of the concentrically loaded columns showing that the developed model to be viable.

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