Analytical behaviour of bolt-joint intersection under lateral loading conditions



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Jalalifar, H. & Aziz, N. (2009). Analytical behaviour of bolt-joint intersection under lateral loading conditions. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 43 89-94.


An analytical method is developed to provide a better understanding of bolt shearing across joint planes under lateral confinement. The study was undertaken in conjunction with a laboratory study of the double shearing of bolts in concrete. A review of various analytical methods is discussed, and the bending behaviour of the bolts is studied under both elastic and plastic conditions. Issues examined include; hinge point location, the effect of concrete strength on the bolt-bending behaviour; the influence of bolt axial loading and bolt diameter on the hinge point position with respect to sheared joint planes. It was found that the applied axial load on the bolt had a significant bearing on the location of the hinge points in different strength concrete, particularly at low strengths. The hinge point location is also influenced by the bolt diameter.

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