Current trends in water reuse in Australia



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Muston, M. H. (2007). Current trends in water reuse in Australia. 6th IWA Specialty Conference on Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse for Sustainability (pp. 1-8). London: International Water Association (IWA).


This paper outlines the current trends in water recycling and water management in Australia that have occurred in recent years in response to severe drought conditions and population growth. The paper briefly outlines a number of recycling projects in major Australia cities and discusses the common trends that emerge from these schemes. The paper highlights the key outcomes of the workshop discussion at a seminar titled Bringing Recycling into the Mainstream which was held in Wollongong Australia in February 2007. The seminar aimed at bridging the gap between research and practice, to identify trends and knowledge gaps necessary for recycling to become more widely accepted as a part of water management planning and practice.

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