Analysis of Critical Gradient for Particle Movement in Filtration



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This article was originally published as: Indraratna, B & Radampola, S, Analysis of Critical Hydraulic Gradient for Particle Movement in Filtration, Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 2002, 128(4), 347-350. Copyright American Society of Civil Engineers. Original journal available here.


The objective of this paper is to propose an explicit solution for the critical hydraulic gradient required to move a base particle within a pore channel. The particle is assumed to displace when the applied hydrodynamic forces exceed this critical hydraulic gradient. The current analysis is an extension of a previous study (Indraratna and Vafai 1997), where the limit equilibrium analysis was modified to include the effect of drag in the hydrodynamic force component. The theoretical model was examined in the laboratory using fine gravel filters and a cohesionless base soil consisting of very fine river sand.

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