Mesoporous organo-silica nanoarray for energy storage media



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Park, M., Wang, G., Kang, Y., Kim, S., Liu, H. K. & Dou, S. X. (2007). Mesoporous organo-silica nanoarray for energy storage media. Electrochemistry Communications, 9 (1), 71-75.


A SnO2mesoporous organo-silica nanoarray (MOSN) composite was prepared by surfactant mediated synthesis combined with a solgel vacuum suction method in which SnO2 has been successfully incorporated inside the periodic nanoholes in the MOSN or coated on its surface. The MOSN with a high aspect ratio of length to width could not only maintain its structure but also effectively accommodate the volume expansion of the SnO2 during electrochemical reactions with Li+. The SnO2MOSN composite showed a higher reversible capacity of 420 mA h g1 with greatly improved capacity retention and lower initial irreversible capacity compared to SnO2 powder. This interesting anodic performance of SnO2MOSN composite supports the potential use of MOSN for lithium ion batteries.

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