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Othman, M, Petasecca, M, Guatelli, S, Uher, J, Marinaro, D, Prokopovich, D, Reinhard, MI, Lerch, M LF, Jakubek, J, Pospisil, S & Rosenfeld, AB, 2010, Neutron dosimeter development based on Medipix2, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, vol. 57, no. 6, 3456-3462.


A novel neutron dosimetry system for avionics and space applications is described. The new dosimetric system is based on Medipix2, a high density silicon based pixilated detector with integrated readout and digital interface circuitry. Real time dose equivalent response to fast neutron fields with flattened energy response is achieved through the coupling of a structured variable thickness polyethylene (PE) over layer with the high density pixilated detector. Experimental results obtained to 14 MeV D-T and Am-Be neutron fields are described along with a comparison to results obtained with GEANT4 simulations.

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