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Gharaibeh, A., Sivakumar, M. & Hagare, D. (2007). Mathematical model to predict solids content of water treatment residuals during drying. Journal of Environmental Engineering, 133 (2), 165-172. Original item available here


Dewatering and drying of residuals are extremely energy intensive processes, which are necessary to reduce the quantity of wet residuals produced from the water and wastewater treatment operations. Meteorological conditions are a major factor in the drying of residuals, which can greatly affect the drying period. A mathematical model is developed for the process of drying of water treatment residuals. A steady-state heat-balance equation is applied for a control volume of residuals that takes into account the heat transfer by radiation, convection, and evaporation. The mathematical model was validated using drying experiments conducted in a wind tunnel as well as other experiments conducted in an open environment equipped with a weather monitoring station. Good agreement was obtained between model predictions and experimental observations. The model can be used to predict the drying time of a given application of water treatment residuals with the knowledge of meteorological conditions.

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