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Scott, L., Sivakumar, M. & Dharmappa, H. (2005). Perspectives on solar distillation: a review. Program of the 2005 Environmental Engineering & Sustainability National Conference: Creating Sustainable Engineering Solutions (pp. 1-10). Australia: Engineers Australia.


An investigation has been made to develop a robust solar water purification system for remote areas without potable water or energy. Many stills have been studied, but few are practical due to low efficiency and water yield. A study of the global water supply and existing treatment methods has been made to understand the problem and to develop the design. Further analysis should lead to an apparatus that can supply potable water in remote, water or energy-deprived areas with minimal maintenance and long-term cost. Objectives for simple still design have been identified, as well as drawbacks in current designs. Employing active techniques such as spray evaporation, baffling, vacuum distillation, forced convection, separate chambers and membrane distillation are shown as areas of potential yield improvement.

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