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Sivakumar, M., Dissanayake, K. & Godbole, A. (2004). Numerical modeling of flow at an open-channel confluence. In M. Mowlei, A. Rose & J. Lamborn (Eds.), Environmental Sustainability Through Multidisciplinary Integration (pp. 97-106). Australia: Environmental Engineering Research Event.


This paper presents the first part of a 3D numerical simulation of a horizontal-bed open-channel water flow with a 90° equal-width junction. A commercially available CFD package is used. The results of the numerical simulations are compared with the experimental data published by previous researchers. The numerical simulation was carried out in two steps: (a) using a Cartesian mesh to determine the shape of the free surface, and (b) using a body-fitted mesh conforming to the free-surface shape. The first step yielded a fair comparison between simulated and experimentally determined free-surface profiles. Further work on the simulation in the second step is continuing. This study is also the first stage of a project involving numerical modeling of open channel junction flows with suspended sediment transport.

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