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Burriss, E. T., Alici, G., Spinks, G. M. & McGovern, S. (2011). Modelling and performance enhancement of a linear actuation mechanism using conducting polymers. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 85 63-78.


In this paper, we report on our investigation into modelling and performance enhancement of a linear actuation system based on cantileveredtype conducting polymer actuators, which can operate in air and aqueous media. We have employed the model to predict the linear displacement and force output of the actuation system, and to determine the optimum values of the system design parameters. The linear actuation system is a five bar parallel mechanism, articulated with two polymer actuators. Kinematic and force analyses of the mechanism including numerical results are presented, and its payload handling ability was experimentally evaluated. The experimental results prove that it is possible to generate an accurate linear movement and a corresponding rectilinear force from this mechanism. This mechanism can be employed as a motion and force transmission mechanism, which not only has a light weight, but also consumes a small electrical power.

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