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Commins, P. A., Moscrop, J. W. & Cook, C. D. (2011). Cogging force analysis of a slotless tubular linear motor with finite stator. The Eight Int. Symposium on Linear Drives for Industry Applications (pp. 1-4). The Netherlands: LDIA.


Permanent magnet tubular linear motors have shown potential for use as direct drives in high precision applications such as machine tools. These devices have the ability to overcome or reduce many of the fundamental mechanical properties that limit the precision performance of traditional rotary to linear translation mechanisms, such as the ball screw. However, the cogging of the motor must be minimised for high precision applications. Previous work has assumed an infinite stator length, but this approach has limitations. This paper investigates the cogging force of a slotless tubular motor with a stator of finite length using finite element analysis. To assist with optimal design, the influence of different stator lengths and end effects is presented. Experimental data is given for validation.

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