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This article was originally published as: Mendis, R, Smith, ML, Bignell, LJ, Vickers, REM & Lewis, RA, Strong terahertz emission from (100) p-type InAs, Journal of Applied Physics, December 2005, 98, 126104. Copyright American Institute of Physics. Original journal available here.


Terahertz emission has been observed from (100) Zn-acceptor-doped InAs under illumination by fs pulses of near-infrared radiation. Turning the crystal about the surface normal produces two maxima per rotation, whether the angle of incidence is 45° or 75°, in contrast to (111) p-InAs, where three maxima per rotation have been reported. The emitted terahertz power has a quadratic variation with the pump power and decreases with increasing temperature in the range 20–300 K. This behavior is consistent with a photocurrent surge being the dominant terahertz generating mechanism at low excitation fluences. The p-type InAs generates about two orders of magnitude more power than the standard unbiased terahertz emitter, 1mm thick ZnTe.

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