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This article was originally published as: Zhao, Y, Qin, MJ, Dou, SX, Ionescu, M & Munroe, P, Transport properties of multilayered MgB2/Mg2Si superconducting thin film, Journal of Applied Physics, April 2006, 99(8), pp. 08M503-1-08M503-3. Copyright American Institute of Physics. Original journal available here.


Electronic transport measurements have been carried out on superconducting MgB2/Mg2Si multilayer film, using a standard four-probe method in perpendicular and parallel applied fields. The film, which was prepared by pulsed-laser deposition, has a layered structure with each MgB2 layer being 40–50 nm thick and the Mg2Si interlayers about 5 nm thick. The flux flow activation energy is deduced from the resistivity-temperature curves using an Arrhenius fit. The results show a clearly enhanced anisotropy of the vortex activation energy in the multilayered film. The irreversibility field and the vortex activation energy are significantly increased in parallel fields.

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