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This article was originally published as: Lin, ZW, Zhu, JG, Guo, YG, Wang, XL & Ding, SY, Three-dimensional hysteresis of soft magnetic composite, Journal of Applied Physics, April 2006, 99(8), 08D909-1-D8D909-3.


Hysteresis phenomenon is one of the important characteristics of soft magnetic materials. A three-dimensional (3D) magnetic property measurement system has been developed. This system can effectively control the locus of the time-varying magnetic flux density vector B and measure the corresponding magnetic field strength vector H in a cubic sample of soft magnetic material. The sample involved in this study is a soft magnetic composite sample made of highly pure iron powder. This paper investigates the B and H loci in 3D space and the power loss when the B loci are controlled to become circles and ellipses lying in three orthogonal planes. It is found that the B and H loci lie in the same magnetization plane, but the H loci and losses depend strongly on the orientation, position, and process of magnetization. On the other hand, the H vectors evolve into a unique locus pattern, and the power losses approach a unique value when the B vectors evolve into the same loci through either a series of small circles or ellipses.

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