Comparison of liquid-borne particle sizing techniques



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Ahmed, N., Langberg, D. E., Raper, J. A. & Jameson, G. J. (1983). Comparison of liquid-borne particle sizing techniques. 11th Australian Conference on Chemical Engineering Chemeca 83.


The need to know precise particle size distributions for a variety of applications has led to the development of new particle sizing techniques. A particularly useful technique is that of forward light scattering utilised by the Malvern Laser Particle Sizer. This new technique has been used to measure the particle size distributions of three powders, (silica, latex and minusil) and the results compared with size distributions determined by the more traditional techniques (Coulter counter, Warman cyclosizer and Andreasen pipette). The new instrument showed good agreement with existing techniques for those samples in which the particles were spherical.

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Australasian Conference on Chemical Engineering