Characterisation of Ceramic Composite Membrane Filters for Hot Gas Cleaning



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Jo, Y. M., Hutchison, R. & Raper, J. A. (1997). Characterisation of Ceramic Membrane Filters for Hot Gas Cleaning. Powder Technology, 91 55-62.


Novel composite ceramicmembranefilters suitable for hotgascleaning operations have been prepared from fly ash and titania particles on stainless steel woven mesh substrates. Both membranes had a structure like a solid packed bed with a thickness of less than 100 μm. In the domain of laminar flow, significant differences in the pressure drop between experimental results and those predicted from the Kozeny-Carman relationship were found, particularly for flow through the titania membrane. Membranefilters with extremely small pores such as the titania membrane are greatly affected by slip up to 80% in permeability at elevated temperatures. Efficiencies of filtration of typical coal fired power station exhaust fly ashes were found to be greater than 909% for both titania and ash membranes, whilst there was greater variation in the pressure drops in the ash membrane than in the titania at typical gas flows.

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