Fractal Concepts and the Aggregation of Iron Oxides



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Amal, R., Raper, J. A. & Waite, T. (1990). Fractal Concepts and the Aggregation of Iron Oxides, MRS Proceedings, V.180.


The modelling of the aggregation kinetics of iron oxides has been succesful in predicting the increase in aggregate size as determined by dynamic light scattering measurements. The aggregates were found to exhibit fractal behaviour with fractal dimensions obtained from the scattering exponent in static light scattering studies dependent on the aggregation mechanism and ranging from 2.3 for rapid (diffusion limited) to 2.8 for slow (reaction limited) aggregation. Polydispersity and restructuring of aggregates were found not to affect the relationship between scattering exponent and aggregate fractal dimension. Excellent correspondence over a range of temperatures and ionic strengths has been obtained between results of sizing experiments using dynamic light scattering and sizes predicted using a modified Smoluchowski model incorporating fractal dimensions.

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